Baby Badger with Bear

Baby Badger with Bear

‘The Tiny Mice Of Mousehole’ 

Sunny cornish village folk.

Breok the teeny, baby badger! 

Gorgeous tiny hand felted animal, crafted with the most amazing attention to detail. 

Sweet little Breok badger is wearing a tiny nappy and cuddling tightly onto smiley teddy bear.

Each Sew Heart Felt mouse is skilfully crafted by needle felting teeny layers of loose wool fibres, creating a sculptured and realistic little animal.

Every little village mouse has a character of it’s own and is a truly artisan piece.

Approx height 6cm

Who could resist a teeny, tiny badger in a nappy………!?

P.S. Breok is an old Cornish name meaning mighty prince!.


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Baby Badger with Bear
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