Our Commitment

Our Felt Making Group Commitment

Our business depends on the brilliant skills and collaboration of lovely people around the world – all working together in our ‘Felt Making Group’.  Just like one big family, we do our best to help each other in every possible way.

Just some of the ways we do this include:

  • We guarantee a buying price which delivers a fair profit to all.
  • We pay up front so people don’t get into debt.
  • We build long term partnerships so that people feel financially secure.
  • We help send our workers’ children to school.
  • We insist on good working conditions and fair wages – for everyone involved.
  • We recycle waste.
  • We ensure that water supplies are sustainable.
  • We create excellent quality controls.
  • Wherever possible, we use organic fibres and eco-friendly pigments – much nicer to handle.


  • We absolutely ensure that there are no unfair, enforced or child labour practices employed on our behalf. Not now. Not ever

Kalyani Tamang and her mother.
Kalyani's schooling is sponsored by Sew Heart Felt