Our Commitment

Our Felt Making Group Commitment

Sew Heart Felt Commitment

  • To guarantee the felt making group a buying price which allows them a fair profit.
  • We provide pre-finance to avoid the accumulation of dept during production.
  • Fostering long-term relationships with our group, providing financial security and contributing towards the education of our artisans children.

Our Felt Making Group Commitment

  • Fair wages and good working conditions at every stage of the creative process.
  • Absolute assurance that no unfair, forced or child labour has been employed during the process of production.
  • That most waste is recycled.
  • That all water comes from a sustainable source.
  • Establishment of excellent quality controls to assure the best products for our customers.

Kalyani Tamang and her mother.
Kalyani's schooling is sponsored by Sew Heart Felt